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How many of us have come down to Copperleaf with the resolution that we’ll find a way give back now that we have the time, but find the options overwhelming? Your Copperleaf Charitable Foundation membership makes it amazingly easy for you to give back in meaningful and even fun ways right here at Copperleaf.  Copperleaf and Copperleaf Charitable Foundation’s broad community connections have cut through the maze of choices for you and have already selected an appropriate portfolio of charities that have been vetted and approved.  We then provide opportunities for our residents to share their time and talents with others who need a “hand up”.

Copperleaf Group Opportunities

The CCF plans group volunteer events for Copperleaf members with several of our charities.  This provides an opportunity for our members to give hands-on help and get to know the charities.


Season 2022-23 Currently Planned Volunteer Group Events

  • Golf with Home Base Clients – September 10, 2022

  • Café of Life Thanksgiving Day Dinner – November 24, 2022

  • Interfaith Charities Foodbank and Christmas Stocking Distribution – December 2022. Exact dates TBD. Contact Sherri Veit (608-772-9820) if you would like to volunteer.

  • Sewing Bee – January 2023. Exact dates TBD. Contact Rae McCall (239-405-0866) if you would like to volunteer.

  • Community Cooperative Foodbank Distribution – April 2023. Contact Sherri Veit (608-772-9820) if you would like to volunteer.


This past year Copperleaf members volunteered at these same events, and below are their

Café of Life Thanksgiving Day Dinner Preparation and Serving -Thanksgiving Day

105 volunteers from Copperleaf came forth to prepare, produce and deliver 500 hot Thanksgiving dinners to Café of Life clients. Wow! Whew!

Café of Life is one of the Copperleaf Charitable Foundation’s charities. We feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to help the Café carry out their mission and being part of their volunteer community. The CCF provides a grant to Café of Life each year, but we have again shown that we can give more.

105 volunteers who provided food items:

  • Cooked turkeys with gravy (34)

  • Cooked turkey stuffing or potatoes (24)

  • Cooked 500 hardboiled eggs (5)

  • Preparing 500 desserts (13)

  • Providing 500 oranges (5)

  • Cooked beans or corn (10)

  • Provided 500 rolls and butter (4)

  • Provided 500 bottles of water (5)

  • Providing money to help pay for To Go Containers (5)

If that isn’t amazing enough, you served the food into To Go packages and delivered them to four outreach sites. One hundred and five volunteers helped on Thanksgiving morning:

  • Packaging the silverware with napkins, putting eggs in bags with Salt and Pepper, packaging dinner rolls with butter, serving pies and cookies into individual containers (10)

  • Delivering the food items to the CL Café area by 7:45AM (20)

  • Receiving and setting up the serving stations (5)

  • Receiving and setting up the bagging area (6)

  • Serving the hot food into ToGo Boxes (24)

  • Bagging the dinner with oranges, pies, eggs, silverware, dinner rolls etc (12)

  • Loading one of 14 vehicles with the packaged meals (5)

  • Delivering and serving the meals to four sites (20)

We are thankful for the opportunity to support Café of Life. We are so grateful to see the members of Copperleaf give so much of themselves so that strangers could have a special hot Thanksgiving dinner. Copperleaf Cares!

Home Base Golf Outing

On December 11th, 79 members and 12 guests from Home Base participated in the CCF annual golf tournament providing Home Base clients and opportunity to play golf and enjoy a lunch. The Event began with a buffet lunch at the poolside café followed by an afternoon shotgun. Member Margy Galvin made a hole-in-one on the 12th hole and won a prize. Afterwards, participants gathered around the pool to enjoy a keg of beer and the awards ceremony.


Interfaith Charities Holiday/Christmas Food Distribution

In December the CCF donated $2,500 to fill Christmas Stockings. Led by Sherri Veit, 300 nineteen inch stockings were stuffed, delivered and made ready for distribution by a number of Copperleaf volunteers. Sherri lined up volunteers for 2 hour shifts from 9AM to 1PM on Dec. 17th, 18th and 23rd. Regular Interfaith clients received a food package as well as stockings for the children.


Sewing Bee

On January 11, 2022, 38 very dedicated ladies, led by Rae McCall, participated in the annual Copperleaf Sewing Bee where they hand-crafted blankets and pillowcases to donate to children's charities in need. CCF granted funds to this passionate group of women to purchase materials for these very special blankets and pillowcases that will surely brighten the days of some little ones that need it most. With $1500 worth of materials donated by the foundation, these volunteers made 96 pillowcases for the Golisano oncological ward and the nearby McDonald House and 26 blankets for ACT residents. Due to a surge in the Omicron variant of Covid, the volunteers worked from home. The volunteers have tremendous passion and pride for this wonderful annual event. Thanks to all of you who participated.


Community Cooperative – Food Preparation

On April 25th, a Copperleaf Team of over 20 volunteers visited and toured Community Cooperative and helped prepare meals in the Community Café.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Many Copperleaf members volunteer their time at local charities on a regular basis, from working at mobile food pantries to being Board members.

Click the below link to see a list of volunteer opportunities at the charities that the CCF support.

Volunteer Opportunities at CCF supported charities.


If you have any questions regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact:

Volunteer Coordinator, Frank Morrison.

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